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“All In: The Fight for Democracy” – A Film Review

I know you are not used to my blog posts including a movie review. There’s a good reason for this new addition – democracy is on the ballot and Amazon Prime has released an excellent documentary that all voters should view as a primer on voter suppression “All In: The Fight for Democracy”.

The focus of the movie is the appalling voter suppression event known as the gubernatorial election in Georgia in 2018 in which Stacey Abrams (poised to become the nation’s first African-American female governor) “lost” to Brian Kemp by “55,000 votes”.  Clearly, the purging without notice from the voter rolls of 340,000 people and the blocking of approximately 40,000 African-American voters from registering due to insignificant administrative discrepancies were in-your-face acts of voter suppression.  Worse yet, the person in charge of those heinous actions was Ms. Abrams’ opponent, Brian Kemp, who was the sitting Georgia Secretary of State and chief elections officer.

The film goes well beyond that one shameful “election” and traces the nation’s history of voter suppression in vivid detail from the poll taxes of literacy for Southern Black voters to the modern Jim Crow methods of overly strict ID, poll closings in predominately Black neighborhoods and laws involving impossible address requirements for Native Americans living on reservations without designated street addresses.

Stacey Abrams, despite being victimized by a stacked system hundreds of years in the making, still offers us hope and resolve.  We learn about her determined response to the 2018 election, founding Fair Fight, a group fighting voter suppression on the ground and in the courts.

This important documentary parallels experiences I have seen in my many years at the polls and in the courts fighting voter suppression against Black and Brown people throughout the country. I chronicle those journeys in my new book, Voting: The Ultimate Act of Resistance.

I highly recommend this very timely movie. Then do your part and VOTE EARLY. VOTE NOW.

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