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Are Liability Waivers Enforceable in the Era of the Pandemic?

The short answer is maybe and to a limited extent.

If you go to an outdoor restaurant or a hair salon and are asked to sign a liability waiver you may be giving up your right to have a successful lawsuit if you unfortunately get a serious case of Covid19 and can prove you caught it at that establishment (a very difficult thing to prove).

Even if you sign it and a court upholds it as properly written and understandable, the business cannot contract itself out of acts of gross negligence (Possible examples are restaurants placing tables 2 feet apart instead of 6 feet apart or stores knowingly allowing employees not to wear masks or social distance when interacting with customers.).

The basic guidance is that a waiver of liability is always subject to court interpretation so no one knows if it would be upheld until a judge rules on it in a potential case.

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