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Hit and Run Car Accidents and Car Accidents with Minimally Insured Vehicles- Know Your Rights

Auto Accident Attorney Queens NYI often get calls from New York victims of car accidents wherein the negligent car fled from the scene. Is there any way for them to collect money damages for the pain and suffering and their permanent injuries? The answer usually is “yes”.

If the injured victim or a member of the household owned an insured motor vehicle on the date of the accident, the injured pedestrian, driver, or passenger may be entitled to collect money damages under the “uninsured motorist” provision of that insured vehicle’s policy. Certain timely claim procedures must be followed, but if such coverage  is available you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. If you have no car in the household, you may still be able to recover from a fund called  MVAIC (Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation) if you meet certain criteria.

What if the car that injured you has insurance, but the insurance limits are minimal and you have a very serious and permanent injury? If you or a member of your household owned a vehicle at the time of your accident your “underinsured motorist” coverage may come into play regarding money damages. If your “underinsured motorist” coverage is greater than the insurance coverage of the offending vehicle, you may be able to collect damages over and above the coverage of the offending vehicle under certain circumstances.

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